Why just Cool Your Home, when a Hybrid Heat system you can Save you up to 70% on your Heating Cost?

A new Carrier Hybrid Heat Pump may pay for itself through energy savings in as little as Two Years!

Hybrid HeatGas? Oil? Or electric? With utility costs changing so often these days, you can waste a lot of energy trying to guess which fuel source is going to be most energy efficient. That’s where our intelligent dual fuel Hybrid Heat system comes in. It does all the thinking for you.

In cool weather, your gas furnace may be way more heat than you really need, and an electric heat pump could provide the perfect comfort choice to heat your home. The system determines your homes heating demand. It then engages your heat pump to save gas that you use. This will save you money.

When temperatures start to drop down into the frozen  range outside, a heat pump alone, may not provide enough heat. This is where your furnace becomes necessary.  Your system will shift modes, to keep your home a cozy and warm.

Other benefits of a hybrid heat pump. Despite the name, it also Cools. So when summer gets here to Washington, and the heat wave comes, your heat pump will actually do the work of an air conditioner, so you can be comfy all year round.

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