Tacoma Electrical Panel Replacement- Just $2,500*

Electrical PanelInstall a new electrical panel Tacoma WA. This will make your home safer and allow for future safe electrical upgrades.

Appliances today can easily overload your home electrical system. In many older homes, resulting in problems that may become a safety concern. Old out of date electrical wiring, old electrical panels, and outdated fuse boxes may cause all kinds of problems that are easy to prevent. So Consider the many benefits of a new electrical panel Tacoma WA.

When Is It Time For a New Electrical Panel Tacoma WA?

There is no single factor. Things you may want to consider; the age of your Tacoma home and your current electrical panel needs. If you plan future improvements in your Tacoma home, you may also require electrical improvements. so a new electrical panel just makes sense. If you have safety concerns with your current electrical panel, you should consult a Washington State Licensed Electrical Contractor.

We Provide Expert Electrical Service and Electrical Panel Upgrades in Tacoma WA for 20 Years!

Do You Need a NEW Electrical Panel Now?

  • If you have flickering or dimming lights, you may have electrical faults or circuit overload.
  • If you do not have room for additional circuit breakers or fusses, an electrical upgrade will make it easier for safe home improvements in the future.
  • Constant tripping of circuit breakers or blowing fuses are a sign that your electrical circuits may be overloaded.
  • Two-prong outlets (non-ground outlets) limit appliance use in your Tacoma.
  • GFI outlets in bathrooms, kitchens, garage spaces or outdoors are now required.
  • Piggy-back or Dog-pile circuits can be dangerous and often illegal. If you have the presence of this condition, you should consider a new electrical panel.
  • If you have a Federal Pacific (FPE) Electrical Panel, we recommend replacement.

FPE electrical panels have not been manufactured since the early 1980’s. Having a Federal Pacific (FPE) panel in your home does not automatically mean that it needs replacement. However, this may often come up as a result of a home inspection or a homeowner insurance requirement. So often you may be faced with an electrical panel upgrade more often sooner than later.

*Price excludes permit and local utility fees. These items and WA State sales tax shall be billed additionally. Price reflects a 200 amp indoor panel replacement with easy access. Outdoor panel locations, circuits exceeding 50 amps, new meter service, service upgrades, new or altered electrical circuits are offered at an additional cost. Certain terms and conditions apply. Please contact us for more information. WA State Electrical Contractor’s number: ALLSEI*035N5