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Industry experts estimate that Nearly all Ductwork installed in the last 50 years are leaky enough to justify sealing or repair. Leaky ducts can significantly increase Heating and air conditioning bills, dramatically reduce equipment performance, as well as result in potentially dangerous indoor air quality problems.

So Why Is Duct Leakage So Important?

Leaks in forced air duct systems are now recognized as a major source of energy waste in existing houses. Studies indicate that duct leakage can account for 25% or more of total house energy loss. Just as important, duct leakage can prevent heating and cooling systems from doing their job properly, resulting in hot or cold rooms, as well as humidity problems. Duct leakage can also create air quality problems by pulling Airborne Pollutants, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) directly into the house.

Note: Starting April 1st 2011, All Furnace & Heat Pump installations shall require Duct Performance Testing to meet the new Washington State Energy Code!

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Tacoma Power currently pays $450 to seal your duct work. Your home must use electric forced air or central heat pump to qualify.

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In addition, these local utilities offer rebates than may include Free PTCS Duct Testing and Sealing.

Duct Blaster

  • A Duct Blaster is used to directly pressure test the duct system for air leaks.
  • The Duct Blaster fan is first connected to the duct system. the Duct Blaster fan is turned on to force air through all holes and cracks within the ductwork.
  • A precise leakage measurement is made using calibrated testing equipment connected to the system.
  • Energy loss from duct leakage can then be made from the leakage measurements.

Blower Door

  • A Blower Door is a whole house testing system which measures duct leakage by pressurizing the entire house to a match the pressure within the ducts.
  • By comparing the duct leakage before and after the house pressurization, we are able to determine the amount of duct leakage to the outside (exterior ducts). These are the ducts that require duct sealing.
  • In addition to identifying duct leakage problems, the Blower Door can also identify building envelope improvements that will result in reduced energy use, and increased comfort.