PSE Heat Pump Conversion


As a PSE certified energy specialist, we offer the best solutions for your energy needs. Right now, take advantage of PSE heat pump conversion rebate. Instant rebates up to $1,800.

PSE Heat Pump Conversion Qualifications

  • PSE heat pump conversion Pre-approval required We are a PSE approved contractor. We do all the paperwork for you.
  • Must have an existing electric forced-air furnace.
  • Upgrade to an AHRI performance certified air-source heat pump with a 8.5 HSPF and 14 SEER or higher.
  • Cannot have an existing heat pump, including a ductless heat pump, or a gas furnace or gas boiler.
  • Electric zonal customers are not eligible.
  • Aux heating sources do not qualify for an additional rebate.

Additional Rebates

That’s a combined Savings of $3,300!