PSE Gas Furnace Rebate


We have joined with PSE to offer high efficient ENERGY STAR 95% AFUE qualified natural gas furnaces. First, there’s our $350 PSE Rebate Gas Furnace Rebate. Second, there’s the comfort of knowing that your new energy-efficient natural gas furnace will keep saving you money all winter long through lower energy bills.

A Carrier gas furnace in combination with a high efficient Hybrid Heat Pump may quality for a PSE $1,100 Rebate. Contact Us to find out more and receive a free Energy Analysis
ENERGY STAR qualified Natural Gas Furnaces and Hybrid Heat Pumps:
  • Helps the environment by using less energy and limiting the need for more power plants.
  • Pays for itself through lower energy bills and the rebate bonus.

PSE gas furnace rebate Select qualifications:

Download a Rebate Application