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Current Rebates Available to You.

Tacoma Power:

Tacoma Power $800 Ductless Heat Pump Rebate.

Receive $800 instant rebate for a limited time. Plus you may qualify for 7 year 0% finance.

Peninsula Light- Gig Harbor:

Peninsula Light Heat Pump Rebate.

$1,000 when you install a ductless heat pump. Better yet, receive up to $1,500 for central heat pump.

Peninsula light Ductless Rebate.

$1,500 when you install a ductless heat pump. Your home must have electric heat as your primary source.


Puget Sound Energy (PSE) Rebates.

$650 for tier two Heat Pump with aux lock-out.

$1,100 for tier three Heat Pump with aux lock-out

Up to $3,850 for whole house gas conversion.

All Seasons is a PSE CAN dealer. That means we are able to offer theses instant rebates to you.

Download a PSE rebate application here.