Allergy Air Filter- Infinity Air Purifier

Infinity Air PurifierThis is the Best Allergy Air Filter on the market!

Carrier patented the “capture & kill” technology. Now you too can enjoy more clean and healthier air.

Air filters are rated based their efficiency to collect contaminants. this is referred to as as a MERV rating (minimum efficiency reporting value). The Carrier Infinity Air Purifier has a MERV rating 0f 15.

The higher the number, the smaller particulate it can capture. Most standard filters are nothing more than “Boulder Captures” when compared to the Carrier Infinity Air Purifier! Where most filters simply collect the dirt you can see, the Infinity Air Purifier takes it to a whole new level. Sure the Infinity Air Purifier does a great job of collecting dust, pollen, and mold spores. But Carrier has taken this to a whole new level by collecting, and then destroying contaminates you cannot see. These are the irritants and pathogens that atomize in your blood.

The terrible truth about passive allergy filters:

A simple high MERV rated allergy air filter may do an acceptable job of collecting mold spores, dust mites, and pollen. Unfortunately, when these filters are only changed or cleaned every 90-360 days, you have supplied your unwanted guests to their very own nest. Pollen and other organic matter trapped in their new home only acts as a free lunch. as the pathogens feed and breed, they emit VOC’s that can actually be more harmful and allergic, than the pathogens themselves.

The Infinity Air Purifier with “Capture & Kill” technology, after first initiating a pinpoint ionization array, collects particulates and pathogens. It then continues to electrify the cell walls until it busts. Kind of like popping a bubble.

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